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Getting started

Navigate the sidebar menu to get started with Nai!
Nai is an AI-powered text-to-image bot that allows anyone to create amazing art via simple text command.
Hello new friend and welcome to the Nai user guide!
Here you'll find instructions on how to use Nai to generate epic AI art across all of our platforms. We're currently live on Discord and Telegram, and our web app is coming soon.
If you're completely new to AI image generation, we recommend setting up Nai on your platform of choice, and then heading straight to our prompt guidance section.
We've made sure Nai is super easy to use, so you can generate beautiful art with any prompt. However, it's also a lot of fun to take prompts written by expert prompt engineers and tweak them yourself to create new, amazing art.
We're always excited to see what you create, so please tag us on Twitter to show off any art you're proud of. We retweet our favorite generations daily.
We also love to hear about any creative ways you use Nai. So far we've had poetry turned into art, children's books, album covers, clothing, data visualizations and much more!
We're optimizing for freedom and fun. That means you can explore the full limits of your imagination with Nai. If you'd like to meet our community and make friends, we run daily prompt challenges on both Discord and Telegram. Hop in and say hi!
Welcome new genoratoooor. We can't wait to see what you create :)
Last modified 3mo ago