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Quick Start - Discord

Learn how to use Nai on Discord to generate amazing AI art!
Remember that no racism, sexism or abusive language will be tolerated in the imgnAI Discord server
Add Nai to your Discord Server: click here
Join the imgnAI Discord Server: click here

How to join and generate in Discord

Step 1 - Log in to Discord

To use Nai in Discord, you need to have a verified Discord account. If you're new to Discord, you can learn how to set up your account and how to verify it. You can use Nai on any Discord application - desktop, mobile or web.

Step 2 - Join the imgnAI server

Once you've logged in to Discord, click the + button on the left to add a server.
Click the + button or navigate to from any browser
Join a server and then add
Click "Join a Server", use the invite link, click "Join Server",'re in!

Step 3 - Generate!

Head to the AI generations section in the imgnAI Discord server.
Choose either Safe for Work (SFW) or Not Safe for Work (NSFW)
Type / and the menu will appear, asking you to select which model you would like to use. Select a model, then type in your prompt. Your prompt is a description of the image you want to generate.
We recommend starting with /gen. This command calls GenXL, our most advanced model to-date.
Choose a model or use /imagine, which gives you 4 model responses in 1!
Hit enter and your image will be generated and appear in the channel!
Your results are displayed in the channel
If you prefer to generate in private, you can do this by DM'ing Nai directly, or adding her to your own private server. If you want to generate art socially with your friends, you can add the bot to any server!
For more detailed Discord instructions including how to use the buttons, generate in DMs, and how to add Nai to your own server, head to the Using Discord section.