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Our models

Nai offers a range of custom-trained models made by the imgnAI Team using Stability AI's open-source Stable Diffusion


GenXL is our most advanced model to-date, with incredible image quality and a near-infinite range of art styles. Create anything from photorealism to complex anime or digital renders. Gen combines SDXL with our own massive data set of hi-res images. It works well with both simple and complex prompts.
Pro tip: begin your prompt with 'a cinematic photo of' for a photorealistic result!


Supra is trained on a vast range of digital art styles with a touch of realism. It's trained to respond to both digital and realistic style prompts, and is rapidly becoming one of our most popular models due to its incredible output range. Use for anime, digital realism and everything in-between.
Pro tip: try using style descriptions like "niji anime style", "manga sketch of", etc


A community favorite, /ani is trained on classic anime and produces lush, detailed anime images. Create anime art or bring the waifu of your dreams to life with our /ani model.​


Our multi purpose model, /nai, is trained on the most popular anime art styles. This model is optimized for fun and flexibility so you can input detailed or basic prompts and generate a near-infinite range of beautiful, anime-inspired art.​


Hyper was built to bridge the gap between digital renders and photo-realism. From detailed 3D renders to lifelike realism, hyper has all the rizz.


Our /art model is designed to produce detailed images with a high degree of artistic flair. Include your favorite artist or art style in the prompt for best results.