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Community Guidelines

Our community groups are welcoming and fun for everybody - so we have a few rules to keep the peace.
  • Respect others
  • Be nice to each other
  • Have a good time
  • Drop a few jokes
Please read the below rules carefully. A breach of any of the below rules will result in removal from our Communities without warning. ⛔️ We have a zero tolerance approach to racism, homophobia, sexual harassment and abusive content or behavior. ⛔️ Pornography depicting minors or clearly underage characters will result in a ban and further reporting where necessary. ⛔️ No extreme/gore real world material. ⛔️ No Deep-fakes, or representations of real people that could be reverse searched and identified. ⛔️ No illegal activities, sharing of harmful links or discussions of piracy. ⛔️ No Spam links, spam invites etc in the channels. ⛔️ "A young girl wearing lingerie posing..." is unacceptable. If you have any question about where the line is, it's likely you're trying to cross it.