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Prompt guidance

Learn how to prompt like a pro!
Our mission is to make image generation easy and fun for users of all skill levels. However, to get the most out of Nai, it's worth learning how to optimize your prompts.
To generate an image, you must enter a command + prompt.
THE COMMAND (ex: /gen) defines which model you are creating with.
THE PROMPT (ex: cute dog girl with pink hair, sunset, stunning, cinematic lighting, beautiful) defines what our bot will create.

Here are some prompt examples:
/gen ultra-detailed unreal engine render of [pink haired catgirl] surrounded by a magical aura, elegant artistic masterpiece in the style of Yoshitaka Amano
/gen ultra-detailed portrait photo of [hello kitty] in a futuristic city, super cute, Elke vogelsang, award winning photography
/gen stunning visuals gigapixel painting of a pale delicate japanese cyborg girl, cracks, colourful detailed clothing, free wavering hair on wind, finely detailed dripping oily watercolor painting in the Style of Toshio Maeda, Ohara Koson, Adi Granov
/gen hyper detailed gigapixel upscaled 8K cgi render of a cute [chibi cat], ((happy smile, playing with flowers in a gorgeous field of cherry blossoms))
/gen modern woman fashion design woman's head and face with midnight blue and silver binary code, cybernetic eyes, in the style of micro-pixelated portraits, future tech, innovating techniques, gridded abstractions, sparkling black background
/ani cinematic photo of a long lilac haired (chibi girl), cat ears, wearing a crown, green eyes, cleavage, blossom trees, crystal tears, pastel colours

Your prompt is up to you. The only limit is your imagination.
We train our models to be responsive to prompts of varying length and quality. However, while even the most basic prompts can produce stunning images, we encourage all genoratooors to learn the basics of prompting to optimize image output.

Tips to improve the quality of your prompt:

- Avoid short, non-descriptive prompts. The more detail the better.
- Separate text with commas for best results [ex: cute dog girl, sunset, stunning]
- Use parentheses to emphasize important descriptions [ex: cute dog girl, ((pink hair)), sunset]
- Use brackets to organize your prompts [ex: stunning photo of [SUBJECT] wearing [CLOTHING DESCRIPTION] outside on a sunny day]
- Use style descriptions to enhance the quality of your render [ex: photo, 8k, abstract, cinematic lighting, unreal engine render]
- Use style descriptions to mimic the style of famous artists and/or photographers (ex: in the style of monet, watercolor; picasso, abstract; or cyberpunk, syd mead; Yoshitaka Amano)
When you know exactly what you want, you should be as clear and accurate as you can with your prompt. Use descriptive and detailed language in your prompt.
If you’re feeling creative, you can also use abstract descriptions and leave the interpretation up to Nai. For example ¨magical happiness¨ or “mystical sunshine”
On Discord, advanced prompters have more freedom
Add --seed= to your prompt to specify a specific seed. For example, "--seed=12345678"
Add --raw to your prompt to disable our backend prompt assistance
Add --uc=[negative prompts] to add negative prompts
Add --cfg=number to adjust how closely the model follows the prompt (the higher the number, the more it follows)
Add --hd to increase output resolution to 1024px (Beta users only)
We recommend these only for advanced prompters as results can be worse if correct prompt engineering isn't used.
The power is within you. Just keep these tips in mind and leave the rest to your imagination.