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Quick Start - Telegram

Learn how to use Nai on Telegram to generate amazing AI art!
Message Nai on Telegram: click here
Join the imgnAI Telegram Community: click here

Step 1 - Log in to Telegram

You can use Nai on any Telegram platform - mobile, desktop or web app. If you're new - here's their FAQ.

Step 2 - Join the imgnAI Community

Head to and click 'tap to verify' to join the imgnAI community group
Use the verification bot via
Once in the group, type / to see the models you can choose from. Type the name of the model followed by your prompt. Your prompt is a description of the image you want to generate.
We recommend starting with /gen. This command uses GenXL, our most advanced model to-date.
Type / and then the model name, followed by your prompt
Your prompt should look like the below. /ani is the model and "anime girl...cosmos, masterpiece" is the prompt. Once you click enter, you can then choose which size image you would like to generate. Some sizes are available for beta users only.
Type your prompt and then choose your image size
Your image will be generated and appear in the channel!
If you prefer to generate privately, you can DM Nai directly. If you want to generate art socially with your friends, you can add the bot to any group chat!
For more detailed Telegram instructions including how to generate in DMs, and how to add Nai to your own group, head to the Using Telegram section.