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Roleplay FAQ

Q: Can I play with just one character? A: It is recommended that you only play with one character at a time in each RP Forum. However when you feel like you want to try something new, you may want to send your character on a mission far far away and introduce another one in the START HERE section of the forum. Q: Can I do anything during roleplay? And I mean ANYTHING? A: Not quite anything! Our goal is to have fun and ruining the immersion or experience of others is not what we want to see. Some actions such as combat, PvP, trying to persuade NPCs into doing things will require you to roll a dice to determine the outcome of the interaction. Also, NSFW generation isn't permitted in the RP channels. Q: Who are the NPCs, aren't all characters played by real people? A: Kind of! NPCs are characters that can exist in the world but no one really plays them. NPCs can be a guard you want to bribe to enter somewhere it's not allowed, a potion seller you need a discount from, etc. In some cases you will have to bypass or persuade NPCs to achieve something you can't do alone. For those actions you will need to roll dice. Q: How do I roll dice and what kind of outcome should I be hoping to get? A: You roll dice using the "/roll d10" command. Sometimes you may be asked to roll a different die by a mod/game master, depending on what you're trying to achieve. Ultimately the decision whether the action succeeds lies in what the mod/game master thinks should happen. For example, if your character doesn't have a background in creating bombs and you try to build one, rolling a low number might mean your bomb explodes as you're making it
Q: Do I need to generate an image for all the actions do while RP-ing? A: No. You should generate images only for things you feel are going to be better expressed with an image. Q: Can my character die? What happens if he does? A: Your character can be killed if you get yourself into big trouble! When that happens, you can create a new one and learn from the mistakes of the past. Q: Am I allowed to romance other characters? A: Every other character is played by a real person. Romance is only an option if both you and the other player feel comfortable with the interaction. Keep in mind that if things start getting frisky, the RP channels are still public and we advise further romantic interactions to be dealt with in DMs. Q: Can my character be in more than one place at the same time? (ex. doing actions in the Tavern & Caves simultaniously) A: Yes. It is considered that the first location you sent a message in, happens first chronologically.