$imgnAI Token

$imgnAI is our primary utility token and plays a key role in the growing imgnAI ecosystem
$imgnAI token is a key point of differentiation from centralized web2 peers, and is a way to meaningfully decentralize governance of imgnAI.
Currently, owners of 100k or more $imgnAI are able to access beta features before they are launched to the general public.
Maintaining a token-gated beta tester group has allowed us to move fast with new product releases and test things in a closed environment before releasing to the general public. It has also served as the first of many utilities for the $imgnAI token.
In addition to our ambitious product and partnership pipeline, we’re also committed to adding new utilities to $imgnAI for all token holders.
As we build out new product verticals and further expand our revenue streams, the token will gain utilities and serve a vital role in the ever-growing imgnAI ecosystem.
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